Levante Eclipse Tights

Levante Eclipse Tights

Since we last looked at this style, the packaging and price have changed, but the fibre mix and design features have not. We must say that we love the picture on the new packet. It is proof if ever that, even if it was the hot look for 2008, it still works today.

We described these tights as “not exceptional” in the past, which was a little unkind. It is apparent as soon as you take them out of the packet that they are good quality. They feel light and soft in hand, and the black pair we tested had the look of classic nylons. The dark look is perfect for any sort of smart evening wear. It works best with evening gowns, so try them with those long black dresses.

Entirely sheer to waist with no reinforcement either at the toes or either side of the flat body seam and only small cotton-lined gusset, these are perfectly detailed tights for evening or day wear with the shortest of skirts or shorts. The 3 cm deep waistband and 2 cm deep finger band below it should ensure a good fit and improve durability.

Sizing is not overly generous. Even with 16% Lycra, there is not enough stretch to go beyond the sizes on the size chart. Stay within the sizes Levante quote on the packet, and you will be rewarded with a near-perfect fit. No bagging at the knee or ankle and excellent even colour.

Quite soft to the touch with just enough texture to give a little “swish” when you cross your legs. Very nice tights that we are happy to recommend for work and play. Helen, one of our good friends, wore a pair to an evening event. They looked stunning with her black evening dress, and they stayed comfortable all evening.

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