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Levante Brillante Tights

20 denier is a convenient weight for tights, sheer yet durable. Fine enough for evening but concealing enough for daytime.

Over the years there have been very few changes to these tights. Over the past five years the only difference has been from “15 denier appearance” to “20 denier” and even that may have just been a correction of terminology. But the packet keeps changing and that is all the excuse we need to update the review of these long time favourites.

20 denier is a convenient weight for tights, sheer yet durable. Fine enough for evening but concealing enough for daytime. Levante sizing is excellent too, medium, tall and extra tall rather than small medium and large is an accurate description of how they have fit over the years.

Levante provides a sensible range of colours too, two natural shades, grey barely black and black. The grey looks particularly good with the gloss finish. Our latest test pair came in size “tall” and colour Londra, which is Levante speak for barely black.

The label on the inner packet said the style name was “Velux 20”. At first, we thought that this was a case of incorrect packaging, something we have seen before from Levante. Then we remembered we had seen Levante Velux before. You guessed it, different names for different markets. It seems as though the 15 denier Levante Brillante was replaced by Velux 20 renamed as Brillante.

The tights are as good as ever. Sheer to waist, reinforced toes and a lightly shaped heel. Flat seams in the panty and a lined gusset.
There seemed less shine than we remembered so we pulled out some of the original Levante Brillante Tights (see bottom of page) for direct comparison. The older style is lighter and more sheer, but in terms of shine, there is nothing in it.

Levante has always been the tall girl’s friend. Even the tall size will stretch to cover what the extra tall should although comfort levels are compromised a little at an extreme stretch. As all sizes share the same detailing, there is no reason not to buy the largest if you need it.
Still among our top choices for everyday good quality tights but it has to be said that having looked again at the earlier version we preferred them in a less practical lighter denier.

Hardly a year goes by without Levante changing the packet for Levante Brillante Tights. But this year they have gone one step further and altered the denier of this classic style from 15 to 20.

Aside from the denier, nothing has changed. They are still entirely sheer to waist with just a fingerband between the reinforced toes and the waistband to break the expanse of sheer glossy material. The shaped legs are near perfection if you like your hosiery with a shine.

There are three sizes, medium, tall and x-tall. Sizing is accurate, and the fit is excellent. Another thing that has not changed is the pricing. At £4.95 from our friends at UK Tights, they are an absolute bargain.

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