Levante Backseam Tights

Levante Backseam Tights

Levante is one of the most prolific makers of tights. So, surprisingly, we have not seen seamed tights from them before. Their sheer tights are generally outstanding quality. The description reads like high end seamed tights while the price is very much at the bottom end. So are they any good?

First impressions are good, sheer to waist construction, a cotton-lined gusset and flat seams in the body. We were a little disappointed that the legs were not shaped at all; if we are picky, we could say that the toe detail was a missed opportunity, being reinforced rather than a sandal toe or a styled reinforced toe as seen on RHT stockings.

The soles of the feet are reinforced, and the reinforced area is shaped in a V to give a transition to the seam and the heel. If you have big feet, you may find that the heel detail sits a little low. But again we are picky.

Only when you put these tights on do you appreciate them, they fit very well from hip to toe. The seam details run to the waist, and the seam ran straight up the back of the leg without any adjustment. Smooth to the touch and with a silky shine to the finish these tights look and feel more expensive than they are. Beautiful sheer pantyhose with classic back seam and heel detail. They are made with the most beautiful Italian hosiery yarns combined with the strength and comfort of Lycra.

These are among the best value seamed tights that we have tried. Classy enough for that big night out, cheap enough for the regular night out with the girls.

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