Jonathan Aston Nordic Fair Isle Tights

JA Nordic Tights

If you are as old as our webmaster, it is quite likely that as a child, you had a Fairisle pattern pullover in your childhood.

Of course, the tradition goes back much further than the 1960s. To bring the style to 21st Century hosiery is a bold move by Jonathan Aston. As you can see in their packet, these tights look remarkably like a pair of socks. This is also reflected in the fibre mix.

The impression of socks is not lost when you take them out of the packet. It is only when you open them out that is finally clear that the two straight legs are joined by panty at the top.

The panty is finished with flat seams there is a comfort gusset (rear v-shaped panel) to help with fit. Like the panty, the toes are finished to a good standard.

Any thoughts of socks are dispelled once you put these tights on, they fit very well, they feel very comfortable and most important of all the look very stylish too. Whatever length you wear your skirts and whether you prefer boots or shoes in the colder months these tights will add that little something extra to your look. Wearers of essential opaque tights will be begging you tell them where you got them.

The cotton in the mix ensures that although these tights are warm, they will not make you hot and sweaty. Our only reservation is that the pattern stops mid-thigh. Going a little higher would have given a better look with the very shortest skirt and shorts.

Buy some before the weather gets too hot! Snow forecast for Easter by the way.

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