HYD Velo 7 Eco Skin Tights

HYD Velo 7 Denier Tights

These are the lightest of the first three styles of tights we received to review from HYD. You can read more about the brand on the review of the HYD Push Up 10 Tights.

At seven denier these are tights unashamedly aimed at summer wear where you want colour but not weight. And they are indeed light. At first, we thought we had picked up an empty packet, and that was with a size four pair.

The sizing is an exciting place to start. There are six sizes in all 1-XS to 4-XL. The main sizes are 1-XS to 4-L with 3-XM, and 4-XL added to provide extra hip and bottom space without more height. The sizing scheme has a lot in common with Fogal. As well as the table of heights and weights, there are national size lists, which are based on dress size. Our test pair came in size 4-L so should fit up to 5’10 (180cm) and 170lbs (80kg), or in dress sizes UK 16 or US 14…so they should be a good fit.

Most of the weight in the packet is the card and the bag. The only thing heavy about the tights in the scent which quickly subsides to a gentle perfume. A treat for all the senses then, fragrant and light and soft in hand.

Detailing is classic summer sheer. A sheer to waist, sandal toes, legs lightly shaped at calf and heel and a cotton-lined gusset. T-band detailing is used in the panty to give strength, but unlike with lesser brands, the tiny thong created by this detail is patterned around the hip area. Flat seams promise comfort and a wide waistband comfort and security.

Sizing is spot on, and the fit is like a second skin, as you would hope with summer tights they disappear, leaving only texture and colour.

The feel on your legs and to the touch is gorgeous, the fabric caresses your leg, and under the touch of your fingers, it feels smooth and soft. 

Unlike lesser summer tights these do not feel fragile or insubstantial. They feel more like a sheer light evening tight, and we love it.

If you like your pantyhose sheer and versatile, these are for you, sensibly priced too. Excellent!

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