Hudson Light 8 Tights

Hudson Light 8 Tights

On the whole, the German’s are an incredibly logical nation. So it is bizarre to be commenting on Hudson’s latest sheer tights, the naming of which seems completely illogical. You see we would expect ‘Light 8’ to be eight denier and ‘Ultralight 10’ to be ten denier; but oh no, Ultralight 10 are 16 denier, and these Light eight tights are 17 denier. The only logic is that the Ultralight tights are lighter than the light ones.

As for first impressions of the tights, the look and feel from the packet put us very much in mind of Falke Shelina, and indeed these tights are intended to give the same effect. There are other similarities: unshaped legs, sandal toe, sheer to waist, gusset, flat seams in the panty. Hudson also included T-band detailing for strength and durability.

So very similar but in terms of fibre different to the 100% Nylon Shelina we reviewed some years ago; the latest Shelina is 60% Nylon and 40% Polyurethane but still Lycra free. Hudson uses 6% Lycra for stretch and fits and a significant amount of polyurethane. The polyurethane is included here as in other summer tights to provide a cooling effect and a more oiled bare leg look.

Light 8 is perhaps a misleading name. But not unreasonable as they have a look and feel that makes 17 denier quite hard to believe considering Falke Shelina is only 12. Sizing is accurate, but the length in the body is not generous. Not a hipster style, but there has been a conscious decision to keep the waistband low.

Overall these are excellent tights that look and feel superb and are very reasonably priced.

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