Hudson Colonial Leggings

Hudson Colonial Leggings

We must be honest and say that we guessed the denier of these leggings as there was nothing on the packet or the web site to give us a clue. They have the same look and feel as other soft matt 40 denier tights we have seen.

To our surprise, the construction of these leggings was not entirely on par with other Hudson hosiery we have looked at in the past. In particular, we were surprised to see raised seams in the panty area; there is at least a lined gusset for comfort. The waistband was also quite simply-designed. On our test pair, the two sides did not quite line up over the central seam. Like the waistband the cuffs that sit below the knee are the simple fold over and sew type, they are at least better finished than the waistband.

The pattern is printed on to the plain leggings using a contrast colour. On the upside the fit is excellent, the sizing is spot on, and the design looks highly effective.

The focus of these leggings is the look. Our tip for getting the most out of them is to pair them with nude sheers; at least until your legs have a perfectly even summer glow of their own. On the subject of sunshine hosiery of this weight and length is excellent sun protection.

Capri length and footless semi-opaque black hosiery were much in evidence among the spectators at Wimbledon this week. Whether driven by fashion of the practicalities of sun protection in the unusually bright weather we don’t know, but the look was most effective, particularly the Capri length.

Perhaps a little overpriced for what they are but real fashion must-have. Matt opaques black pantyhose in the summer, who would have thought it?

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