Fogal Touch Tights


Fogal Touch Tights are super cute!

Fogal Touch Tights are part of the same AW 2012 Collection as Fogal Soul Tights and Fogal Nepal Tights; the collection focuses very much on natural fibres for their organic look and their exceptional properties in keeping you warm without making you hot and sweaty. Where Soul tights were a cotton/nylon/lycra mix here, Fogal has added extra warmth and softness by the addition of cashmere.

The are other additions too, an extra size XL for taller ladies of a fuller figure and four colours: grey, black, beige and anthracite.

Fogal put the same care and detail into their opaque tights as they do into their premium sheer pantyhose, entirely uniform in knit, weight and finish from the toe seam to the Fogal signature waistband with flat seams in the panty and a gusset (unlined as the material is mostly cotton anyway).

Perhaps the thing you will notice most about these tights is how soft they are, particularly on the inside. Sizing and fit are excellent for making these tights a pleasure to wear.

What others will notice are your perfectly presented legs. Although knitted like a sock the look is a long way from sock-like it is ever so classy and will work with all types of an outfit and practically any footwear. Whether you go for a short skirt and heels or a longer skirt and boots, you will look as good as you feel.

Comfortable, stylish and durable these tights deserve a place in your wardrobe, expensive they may be, but they should last and last and prove great value.

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