Fogal Limoges Tights

Fogal Limoges Tights

When Fogal first sent us these tights, one question came to mind: just what occasion merits wearing ten denier sheer tights that cost £40 a pair? There is, after all, some very good ultra sheer tights for one-third of the price.

Fogal Light and Cool Tights

Fogal Light and Cool Tights

We have remarked in the past that Fogal tights are not always the most generously sized regarding length but here we have no issues at all. Our test pair in size 3/L easily coped with a 35” leg and 43” hips. The sizing is spot on.

Fogal Exotic Tights

Fogal Exotic Tights

On our last visit to the boutique, the service even extended to one of the ladies showing us these tights on her leg. A level of service that is loaded into the hefty price tag that these tights carry.

Fogal Elegance 15 Tights

Fogal Elegance Tights

The finish on the leg is fine satin, with an ever so delicate sheen. The tights themselves are not delicate though, despite being very sheer at 11 denier they feel incredibly strong. Fantastically smooth, soft and light in hand. Sheer to waist, flat seams and sandal toes.


Fogal Cosmetique Tights

They do say that the luxuries in life are far more enjoyable in the hard times than the easy times, so given the current economic conditions, we thought it only right to review another style from Fogal, that most luxurious of luxury hosiery manufacturers…

Fogal Cordoba

Fogal Cordoba Tights

We don’t get to review Fogal tights very often and at £37 a pair you can understand that these are not the easiest tights to get hold of like a review sample. So just what do you get for that sort of money?


Fogal Catwalk Tights

We have been asked many times why Fogal tights are so expensive, more expensive even than Wolford. Putting these tights on you are again struck by how strong they feel. The 40% Lycra provides lots of stretches and a perfect fit.

Fogal Calais Tights

Fogal Calais Tights

These tights are made of the ten denier 40% yarn that Fogal describe as their Catwalk yarn, so these are a variation on Fogal Brilliance Tights. The sheer legs are also full of surprises in that they feel almost like 100% nylon non-stretch stockings despite being 40% Lycra.


Fogal Brilliance Tights

As the day and evening wore on I almost forgot I had these tights on, they never moved all day and proved to be among the most comfortable tights I have worn. A little body warmth and time seemed to soften the material too; I found myself repeatedly stroking my leg to check how soft.


Fogal Annabelle Dots Tights

It is easy to spend hours of time and vast reserves of energy trying to come up with a new design, still longer to come up with a new design that works, but sometimes the answer is to revisit an old design. Here the designer quotes 1920s stockings as inspiration.