Fogal Touch Tights

Fogal Touch Tights are part of the same AW 2012 Collection as Fogal Soul Tights and Fogal Nepal Tights; the collection focuses very much on natural fibres for their organic look and their exceptional properties in keeping you warm without making you hot and sweaty.


Fogal Summercool Tights

We all like a treat from time to time, and we can think of no more great gift than ultra-premium sheer tights. To get Fogal tights in 10 denier and to only pay what in today’s market seems a bargain price of just £17.50 is a double bonus.


Fogal Soul Tights

This style along with Nepal and Touch are from the AW 2012 collection but the colours are just as suitable for this season, and such is the quality of Fogal hosiery we suspect that most pairs bought last year will still be being worn this year; if you buy now yours will look newer.


Fogal Opaque Tights

Two things strike you when you open the packet, firstly these tights look and feel much more opaque than gloss finish 30 denier tights we have seen from the likes of Charnos and Wolford, and secondly, they look very short indeed.

Fogal Madison

Fogal Madison Tights

If you didn’t know how good Fogal hosiery is the price and the very plain packaging would probably mean you are walking right past them on the shelf. Of course, to see them on a shelf you would have to be in a very upmarket store.

Fogal Limoges Tights

Fogal Limoges Tights

When Fogal first sent us these tights, one question came to mind: just what occasion merits wearing ten denier sheer tights that cost £40 a pair? There is, after all, some very good ultra sheer tights for one-third of the price.

Fogal Light and Cool Tights

Fogal Light and Cool Tights

We have remarked in the past that Fogal tights are not always the most generously sized regarding length but here we have no issues at all. Our test pair in size 3/L easily coped with a 35” leg and 43” hips. The sizing is spot on.

Fogal Exotic Tights

Fogal Exotic Tights

On our last visit to the boutique, the service even extended to one of the ladies showing us these tights on her leg. A level of service that is loaded into the hefty price tag that these tights carry.

Fogal Elegance 15 Tights

Fogal Elegance Tights

The finish on the leg is fine satin, with an ever so delicate sheen. The tights themselves are not delicate though, despite being very sheer at 11 denier they feel incredibly strong. Fantastically smooth, soft and light in hand. Sheer to waist, flat seams and sandal toes.