Fogal Calais Tights

Fogal Calais Tights

Fogal Calais Tights are amazing!

These tights are made of the ten denier 40% yarn that Fogal describe as their Catwalk yarn, so these are a variation on Fogal Brilliance Tights.

The graphics on the packet lead us to expect these to be a boxer brief styled version of the product. But what we found on opening the packet was a huge surprise, a huge surprise in the form of a lace waistband fully 5” (12.5 cm) deep on what are otherwise sheer to waist, or at least sheer to hip, tights. The seams in the panty are perfectly flat, and there is a lined gusset.

The sheer legs are also full of surprises in that they feel almost like 100% nylon non-stretch stockings despite being 40% Lycra. The legs are shaped at the heel and have a lightly reinforced toe detail.

Fogal sizing is as we have explained previously unique in that they have sizes from S to X/XL with the basic M or L size defining the height and the additional X or XX providing extra room in the hips. We know that tights sizing is not simply a matter of volume as some would have you believe, shape and proportion matter too and Fogal agrees with us.

Only once you have these tights on can you see just how they are made At gusset level there is a slight change in the knit, you can’t call this a panty as it is only 3” deep, more of a transition to the lace top. The lace top is designed to sit around and just over your hips rather than your waist.

The Catwalk yarn may be 40% Lycra, but it does not stretch easily. Fortunately, it feels incredibly durable, so unless you snag it, you should not get a ladder. Take the trouble to stretch evenly over your legs, and you get a perfect second skin fit.

The lace hip band didn’t work for us, sizing is not overly generous, and in any event, the style only suits girls who have little or no bottom. We cannot fault Fogal sizing, and you really should get the XL size if the standard M or L is not sized to fit your hips.

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