Fogal Brilliance Tights


Fogal Brilliance Tights are absolutely brilliant!

Students of hosiery and regular readers of our reviews will know that 85% nylon and 15% Lycra is the standard fibre composition for a huge proportion of modern Italian made hosiery at pretty much every price point, and other makers in many other countries have settled on a similar composition for their sheer tights. Here we had sheer tights from a Swiss brand but made in Italy, so they are very much in the sheer premium category.

Sheer to waist with T-band reinforcement in the panty Fogal Brilliance tights also features flat seams, a lined gusset and of course the signature Fogal waistband. The legs are shaped at the heel and finished with a lightly reinforced toe. Fogal waistband aside pretty standard detailing from Spain to Poland and Germany to Italy.

Being Fogal, of course, the quality of the fibre is excellent although perhaps the craft is not quite up with their Swiss made hosiery.

No size chart on the packet but the full range of S/M/L/XL is available. Your retailer will direct you to the right size.

Regular travellers to Europe will know that the Swiss are not a tall people and so Fogal tights can sometimes be a little short; perhaps as a result of being made in Italy this style is more generous for length.

The look on the leg is flawless, perfect even colour and a beautiful sheen to the finish. Smooth to the touch and comfortable too, these are without doubt very good tights indeed.

“Very good” but not sublime, they are very good like quite a few other £8-£12 pairs of tights that have been very good. But these are Fogal tights at £25; we expect something along the lines of sublime not very good.

Not sure how to conclude this review, Fogal is a class apart right up with Wolford, and everyone should buy and wear a pair of their tights at least once, but perhaps not this style. Read our other reviews and pick a more sheer style made in Switzerland.

As the day and evening wore on I almost forgot I had these tights on, they never moved all day and proved to be among the most comfortable tights I have worn. A little body warmth and time seemed to soften the material too; I found myself repeatedly stroking my leg to check how soft. Being 20 denier was a plus also, not a sign of distress from a busy day around home and office.

Still a little pricey for regular wear but a great treat.

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