Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights


Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights are perfect for those cold winter days!

Long terms readers of Tights Fashion will know that our site started out as private research to find the tights that had the best balance between look/feel/durability/price. You will also know that the Falke Seidenglatt 15 tights came out as our top choice.

This 70 denier version is a little bit more expensive and has a different fibre mix with less Lycra.

Again five sizes are covering up to 6’0” tall and 225 lbs. We tested size 5. Courtesy of UK Tights.com

The customary Falke quality is apparent as soon as you open the packet, smooth and flawless. In the hand, these tights are silky smooth and soft.

Sheer to the waist and finished with a reinforced toe and flat seams in the brief area these tights ooze quality. In the largest size, the cotton gusset is replaced with a back panel to give more width. The waistband is about 1.5cm deep and is sewn directly onto the body of the tights with no transition.

Although the legs of these tights did not look very long, they stretched very easily, so much so that they were too long for our female testers. They are long in the body also, comfortably reaching the waist of our tallest lady. The size chart does appear to be quite generous so choose your size carefully.

These are incredibly smooth and soft tights that are an absolute delight to wear. They look fantastic too, the shine on the finish giving a costly look. Indeed our favourite 70 denier pair of tights.

What a pity the warm weather is almost upon us; buy these now and put them away for the autumn.

Update by Angelika “We took a special look at two autumn colours of this range: aubergine and tea-green. The aubergine colour is more striking, perfect for a night out as well as for a smart look by day. Tea-green is less eye-catching, but both colours are made with a wonderful lustrous shine, they have that certain something and never look like tights made for just ‘keeping warm’, although they do that job very well. As for wearing we have to say that they feel delightfully soft and smooth. They doubtlessly deserve their name ‘Seidenglatt’ which is German for “smooth like silk”. Even putting them on is as though they are sliding themselves on.”

No matter what colour you choose you will always attract attention with these fantastic quality tights!

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