Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights


Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights are entrancing!

If you want to know what luxury hosiery looks and feels like just open a packet of Falke Pure Shine 15 tights.

No surprise to us of course because we know Falke make superb sheer tights: Falke Lunelle UltraFalke Shelina 12 (for the “Is she? Isn’t she?” bare-legged look), Falke Pure Matt 20, for perfect even colour, Falke Seidenglatt 15 for a shimmering glossy look. Did Falke need another sheer style? No. Does this style add anything to their range? Oh yes!

Sitting in between Shelina and Pure Matt for weight and more subtle than Seidenglatt this style is perfectly conceived. Only slightly heavier than Shelina yet with far higher colour density, almost on a par with Pure Matt and Seidenglatt. The finish is shiny rather than glossy a perfect compromise between Pure Matt and Seidenglatt. Smooth and soft to the touch, these are the pick of the Falke range for how they feel.

As with all Falke tights, the Pure Shine style is beautifully detailed. Reinforced toes for strength and durability but then entirely sheer to waist. Shaped at the heel, but not reinforced, the fit on the leg is perfect. The panty features flat seams in all sizes and a cotton lined gusset in sizes Small, Medium and Large. The XL and XXL sizes have a comfort rear gusset. As ever with Falke the sizing is on the generous side of accurate and such is the quality that you feel you can take advantage of every bit of stretch; our tip is to stick to sizes S-L if you can and go for XL or XXL only if you need the extra width in the hips.

Tights Fashion staff wear Falke every day and have done for years. Pure Matt displaced Seidenglatt for daytime wear, but I think we have found a new favourite.

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