Charnos 30 Denier Semi Opaque Tights


Charnos 30 Denier Semi Opaque Tights are perfect for everyday tights!

Some time ago, we reviewed some Charnos tights called Charnos Semi Opaques, which were also 30 denier but differ from these in the composition of the fibre and the fact that these are supplied in the open packet Charnos use for opaques, rather than the closed flat packet used for sheers. These differences are enough for us to treat this as a new style.

Well done to Charnos for making these tights in 4 sizes, Small to Extra Large, opaques at under £5 rarely come with such a choice of sizes these days. There is a range of colours including a skin tone is another major plus. We are not overly keen on the open style packet, but it does at least mean we can feel the softness and weight very easily.

The legs are straight and finished with a simple unreinforced toe; the panty features a cotton lined gusset, flat seams and, perhaps unusually for what look and feel like, lightweight opaque tights, there is reinforcement either side of the seams and a finger band. All in all exquisite detailing for the price. With 30 denier tights you can never be 100% sure what you will get, some most certainly look and feel like heavy duty sheers, but these are most definitely light opaques, both in look and feel.

The sizing is spot on, and with gentle stretching, you can take a few liberties with length, there are strength and stretch in abundance. Take care to stretch these tights carefully, and you will be rewarded with a perfect close fit.

The colour on the leg was even, but we struggled to get rid of banding in the panty, a small quibble that will only be an issue if you plan to wear them with very short skirts or shorts.

For everyday wear, these tights are ideal either as a durable alternative to sheers or as a more refreshing alternative if you wear opaque. Well made they should last weeks and prove to be good value for money.

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