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Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Tights

60 denier opaques are the mainstay of the Charnos range and indeed the ranges if many other hosiery manufacturers. For many women and girls, ‘tights’ means 60 denier opaque.

Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Tights are perfect for the summer!

These tights are supplied in the open style packet, so if you are buying them in a shop, you can feel at once how smooth and soft they are. Once you have them out of the packet, you can see that they are made with straight legs and that the brief, although of similar weight is a different finish. The brief is finished with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset.

Sizing did not look overly generous, but even with just 5% Lycra, there is a tremendous stretch. The fit is excellent and the colour perfectly even. They would be slightly better for an even finish from hip to toe, but even with the shortest of skirts or shorts, it is unlikely that anyone will see.

Made in a range of greens and browns as well as the more common black these are very much the tights for wearing with Autumn/Winter fashions. At just under £5 they are excellent value for money.

60 denier opaques are the mainstay of the Charnos range and indeed the ranges if many other hosiery manufacturers. For many women and girls, ‘tights’ means 60 denier opaque.


When we last looked at tights carrying this name the details were:

60 Denier, 94 % Nylon, 5 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton.

The latest version is:

90% Nylon, 9% Lycra and 1% cotton.

So what do we get now?

Well, entirely straight legs finished with a somewhat square looking toe, the toe is reinforced but not much heavier than the leg, and there is a run stop detail to prevent holes in the toes becoming ladders/runs in the legs.

The panty is made in the boxer style, similar weight to the legs but a very different finish. The panty has flat seams, and a cotton lined gusset for optimum fit and comfort.

Colour density on the leg is excellent, and even, the finish is Matt, but in some lights, there is a slight sparkle from the Lycra. There is a distinct demarcation between leg and panty so please, please make sure that any shorts or skirt you plan to wear with these tights is long enough so that only leg shows. Few things look worse than an inch or two of reinforced tights panty showing below the bottom of your shorts…other than perhaps the same but allied to a pair of Ugg boots.

Charnos provide four sizes, Small to Extra Large. Sizes are defined by a combination of height and hips with a suggestion of weight range than in each box. So for example, if you are 5’10 to 6’0 tall and have hips 34″ to 38″ Charnos suggest size large and estimate a weight range of 119lb to 139lb.

As you know, we like to test the boundaries of sizing, so we tried size Large on our webmaster, 6’4 tall 42″ hips and 220 lb. Resulting in a perfect fit. So sizing is generous and very flexible thanks to the strength and stretch.

So, in summary, these are perfectly acceptable everyday opaque tights, and arguably everyone should have a pair or two in their drawer. And that goes for the guys as well as the girls because they are an excellent base layer under a suit in cold weather.

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