Charnos Argyle Tights


Charnos Argyle Tights could do with some improvements.

Charnos have created some great tights over the years, and one or two styles that were not too great. Charnos make quite a few of their tights styles in a limited range of sizes, here just two Small-Medium and Medium-Large; while we understand that this reduces inventory costs the sizing can limit the appeal to the taller or larger lady. Here the larger size will according to the size fit up to 5’9” with 42” hips or 6’0” with 38” hips…we will see.

Detailing is quite ordinary, straight legs with the Argyle pattern to the toe than a boxer style plain panty. On the upside, there is a lined gusset, but there are no flat seams.

At first, there does not seem to be much stretch, but if you are gentle and patient, the 8% Lycra will reward you with enough to meet the suggested maximum sizing and provide a good fit.

The look on the leg is pretty good and a nice change from plain black but frankly the panty although comfortable is a disappointment, sure it cannot be seen but it just looks slightly cheap and as though nobody cared. OK at £3 from the supermarket, but branded tights at £6.50; come on Charnos you can do better.

Not terrible tights but there are just better tights to be had for the same money. The Argyle design is unusual, so for that reason only we might add a pair to our tights drawer.

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