Bahner 20 Denier Light Support Tights

Mention support tights to most people and they will imagine something almost industrial and practically impossible to put on, but new support tights do not have to be like that at all. We are pleased to say that these light support tights from Bahner have the look and feel of 20 denier fashion tights.


Aristoc Wet Look Tights

These tights create an excellent first impression; smooth and soft to the touch, fresh and glossy on the outside and warm and sweet on the inside. Well made with flat seams, in brief, a cotton lined gusset; sheer to the waist for wear with all lengths of skirts and shorts.


Aristoc Ultra Shine Tights

Aristoc Ultra Shine is a classic style with a long history. As you will see from the packets and review below, it has been through a variety of packet designs over the years, but the concept, denier and fibre mix have stayed pretty consistent.


Aristoc Ultra Satin Tights

The new Aristoc range has been an overall improvement on that it replaces. That in itself was nicely made and good value. These tights feel smooth and soft in hand and look more beautiful than their quote on quote “20 Denier”.