Gerbe Sun Satin 10 Tights

Gerbe Sun Satin 10 Tights are fantastic! Even on the card, these tights look of high quality. Soft and smooth to the touch with a fully shaped heel, flat seams and a silk gusset. The detailing is interesting as the larger sizes have two seams at the rear with the silk gusset being V-shaped. Rollover is not an issue with this design.


Gatta Tancia Tights

Gatta Tancia Tights are fancy and fun! We would be raving about it on a pair of £30 Wolford tights. On a couple of inexpensive Gatta tights, it is unbelievable! If you can track down a few pairs, you really should buy them and be the envy of all your friends!


Gatta Sherry Ann 15 Tights

Some brands dress up a very mediocre essential pair of tights/pantyhose with fancy designs and try to sell them at a premium. So the key to our review process is considering a sample as basic sheers first, looking at the motif second!


Gatta Shania 3 Tights

Gatta Shania 03 Tights is so versatile! Tights that are trying to look like stockings or hold ups are far from a new idea. We see so many variations on that theme at present that there is an audible sigh when another pair comes in.


Gatta Rosalia 600 Tights

Gatta Rosalia 600 Tights are super thick! At the time of writing, winter is starting to take England in its icy grip. We were delighted to receive a packet of three heavy opaque styles of tights from UK Tights. We had to do a double take when we saw this style noted as 600 denier!


Gatta Patty Ann Tights

Gatta Patty Ann Tights are perfect for Halloween! Black semi-opaque tights with grey and green stripes are not something you see every day, undoubtedly eye-catching legwear. Aside from the colours, there is little remarkable about these tights on the first inspection; at first!


Gatta Noelia Tights

Gatta Noelia Tights are incredible for their price! If you were to survey all the tights sold you would probably find that two types stood out regarding quantity sold, one of these would be 20 denier sheers with 88% Nylon and 12% Lycra. So how do you make your sheers stand out from the crowd?


Gatta Nasty Tights

We have said a few negative things about particular tights styles in the past, but we have never gone so far as to call a style “nasty”. Of course, a word can have many meanings, and one definition of “nasty” we found in an urban dictionary is “to describe something that is aesthetically pleasing”…So are these tights nasty or “nasty”?

Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights

Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights

Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights are stretchy and durable! There is an almost velvet texture to the finish of these tights thanks to the microfibre used in their manufacture. The microfibre also makes these tights look far more opaque than their 40 denier description would have us expect.