Falke Soft Merino Tights

First a confession. When we saw that these tights were a wool-cotton mix, and felt the sock-like texture handling them in their open packaging we put them aside for another day. Luckily another day has arrived before the end of winter because these are not summer tights!


Falke Shelina Tights

When looking at summer weight bare keg look tights, the standard against which we have measured all others is Falke Shelina. For years they have been the standard summer legwear for both members of the Tights Fashion team and the owner of a certain well known online hosiery store *hint UK Tights hint*.


Falke Sensual Touch Tights

When we saw the name “Falke Sensual Touch Tights” our first reaction was that this must be a new sheer style from Falke for the Spring; Oh how wrong we were! These tights are designed very much for the colder months, ideal for the current weather.


Falke Sensation 50 Denier Seamless Tights

When the Falke Sensation Tights arrived in 20 denier, and 50 denier versions in the middle of July we thought we would be reviewing the 20 denier and putting the 50 denier away until the autumn but the unseasonably chilly weather here in Northern England is perfect for 50 denier tights.


Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

As for wearing we have to say that they feel delightfully soft and smooth. These tights doubtlessly deserve their name ‘Seidenglatt’ which is German for “smooth like silk”. Even putting them on is as though they are sliding themselves on.


Falke Monroe Tights

Jazz up any one of your outfits with these stunning striped tights from Falke. With a flattering vertical pattern, these tights will elongate your legs perfectly; what more could a girl want?


Falke Diamond 10 Tights

Despite Falke being one of our favourite brands this sheerest of their sheer styles has been one we have not looked at before. At ten denier they are the same weight as the Fond de Poudre Tights, but they are made with an entirely different finish.