Pierre Mantoux Effet Tights

Pierre Mantoux Effet Tights

If you spend time looking at any topic for too long, you start to ask questions and worry about things that don’t occur to other people. In this case, the question that has bothered us is that although we see a lot of 20 denier and 30 denier hosiery, 25 denier is a rarity. (3 other styles, in case you wondered, two from Wolford and one from Marks & Spencer. Two support styles and one with Lurex).

Then along come Pierre Mantoux with a genuine sheer to waist fashion style in 25 denier. Lycra 3D, you expect to be soft, and these tights certainly are not light but super smooth and soft. If we had not known the denier in advance, we would have struggled to guess; I think we would have gone for 20 denier rather than 30. The 3D makes it harder to judge.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves there! There are five sizes to choose from, and you need to take a little care in selecting, mainly if you are used to the system used by other top quality brands. Size 1 is small, and size IV is extra large. This largest size has a comfortable rear panel rather than a traditional gusset. In all sizes, the seams are flat and well finished.

The legs are shaped at the heel and finished with a reinforced toe detail. From there upwards, they are sheer to the finger band, which is contiguous with the reinforcement on either side of the seam (T-band detailing is how some brands describe it). The finger band carries a feint “Pierre Mantoux” motif on each hip.

The sizing is spot on, remember to read the chart carefully. For once, the comfort gusset in the XL size does not spoil the fit. The colour on the leg is perfectly even and just a little denser than from a 20 denier sheer, with a matt finish, of course. These tights may be soft and smooth, but they give a feeling of quality and strength too. A super-classy sheer that justifies its price tag.

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