Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Tights

Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Tights

After reviewing quite a few pairs of light summer tights recently, we rather expected these eight denier tights from Pierre Mantoux to be from the same mould, but they weren’t.

First off, the material had a far stiffer feel to it. Then there was the detailing. Sheer to waist, but unlike summer tights, these have reinforced toes. The rest of the detailing is typical of regular good quality sheer rights, shaped non-reinforced heels, flat seams in the panty, a cotton-lined gusset and T-band reinforcement for strength.

Sizing is slightly unusual in that size III is very slightly larger than the German size III, but in the German brands such as Falke, this is medium/large Pierre Mantoux call this large. Size IV (XL) has a comfort gusset rather than a cotton gusset and is the same size as the German Size IV (L). But fortunately, the sizing is accurate, and so long as you are careful and patient, there is plenty of stretches. But note that these are not tights for the very tall or full-figured.

If you use all the available stretch, the fit is very close indeed. Eight denier is very sheer and gives a subtle and flattering finish on your legs. Once upon a time, we had issues with the durability of Pierre Mantoux tights, but not with these. After a full day of wear in the office, they came off as good as they went on. Interestingly the effect of a day of wear was to take some of the weight off the feel.

Somehow Pierre Mantoux has transitioned from premium-priced yet fragile tights to durable, high-quality ultra-sheer tights at very reasonable prices. Stunningly good sheer tights for girls who like their hosiery very fine.

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