Pierre Mantoux Charente Tights

Pierre Mantoux Charente Tights

Tights really should be all about the look and feel on the leg. Still, somehow, some brands manage to create something that stirs your heart even before you open the packet. This is one of those occasions, with the rear of the package that gave us a sneak look at the shiny material.

Also on the rear of the packet is a size chart which provides sizing guidance for Italy, France, Spain, Germany, UK, and the USA. If you are in the UK, please look at the US chart which works on height. Weight and hips, the UK dress sizes are just plain wrong! Sizes 30-42 would be so big that the dresses would be tents and the tights suitable for trawling for fish. The tights come on a card that gives full instructions on how to put them on.

Shiny is the keyword here. These tights are up with the German Seidenglatt styles, Wolford Neon and Charnos Sheer Lustre. The 20 denier weight is spot on for this finish. Sheer enough to be sheer yet opaque enough to give the colour density to make that shiny finish glow.

Detailing is top quality, all sizes are sheer to waist and feature reinforced toes, shaped heel, flat seams and a narrow band of reinforcement either side of the panty seam and between the sheer material and the waistband. Sizes 0-3 have a standard gusset, size 4 (XL) features the comfort gusset or rear panel.

Sizing is spot on, and the fit is excellent from hip to toe. The XL size is a little compromised by the comfort gusset. We would suggest that unless you need the extra width in the hips, the L size would be the best bet. There is only 1” difference in the suggested maximum heights, and there is plenty of stretch.

The high shine look is not for everyone, but we love it, and this is one of the best examples we have seen. The smooth satin sheen finish is flawless and the excellent even colour covers a multitude of imperfections without looking bulky.

Top-quality tights that feel like they will last forever. A must-have for your wardrobe.

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