Pamela Mann 3 Big Bow Suspender Tights

Pamela Mann 3 Big Bow Suspender Tights

One of the critical trends of the present and immediate past seasons has been the combination of sheer and opaque in a single pair of tights and the use of this to produce designs inspired by the style of stockings and suspenders. This is one of several designs on that theme from Pamela Mann.

As is common in the Pamela Mann range, these are one size tights; there is no guidance on the packet about what that one size is. So we will not comment on the accuracy or otherwise of the sizing.

There are three deniers to consider in this design. The lower leg is a true opaque of around 60 denier; this part of the garment is entirely unshaped and finished with outstanding quality and robust reinforced toe. The upper part of the leg is sheer (15-20 denier is our estimate), and this carries the three bow design front and back.

The panty is heavier than the upper leg and has the look and feel of the boxer brief standard on many lower-priced sheer tights. The budget feel carries on into the detailing of the panty as it has no gusset and lacks flat seams. The colour density on the lower leg is, excellent and the matt finish looks great. Sadly the upper parts are not good at all. The bow motif doesn’t work either as a mock suspender or as a design in its own right.

To make matters worse, these tights are made by joining two identical halves. And the top of the ribbon is not central. As you can see in the picture above, this means you cannot get symmetry and will always look like you can’t put tights on properly. The boxer style brief is a natural passion killer, and the lack of a gusset compromises both fit and comfort.

Sizing is quite generous, so even if you are tall or big in the hips, these tights should still accommodate you. This is not a flawed concept but is not well executed.

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