Pamela Mann 28 Heart Seam Tights

Pamela Mann 28 Heart Seam Tights

Pamela Mann produces a wide range of styles. Many of them affordable versions of styles, made initially as part of the range of one of the more expensive brands. This particular style is not copying any specific kind. But the idea of a seam made of hearts is undoubtedly not new. Some have worked, others have not.

When taking these tights out of the packet, you first notice that they are a combination of 15 denier sheer leg and much heavier boxer style panty. The legs are stretched and finished with a reinforced toe detail. Up the back of each leg from the toe to the start of the panty is a row of hearts, each about 1cm wide (unstretched). The panty is very ordinary with raised seams and no gusset.

Pamela Mann makes these tights like most of the others in their range as one-size. Unfortunately, the packet does not indicate what that one size is. Our tests suggest that they will stretch to cope with a slim to the athletic leg. With a 34” inseam and that 44” would be the upper limit on hip size, it’s quite generous for one size tights.

The heart design is quite effective, but the quality of our test pair was such that horizontal lines ruined the sheer look. These knitting faults should never have passed inspection. The panty does help you see why some people call tights “passion killers” it just doesn’t look great, and the lack of a gusset compromises fit and comfort.

Very disappointing and not where we would spend £8 of our money. And no, we don’t know where the 28 in the style name comes from.

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