Oroblu Unique 20 Seamless Tights

Oroblu Unique 20 Seamless Tights

Ask our reviewers what type of tights excite them the most, and they will all have a favourite. Then they will say “and of course top quality sheers” before remembering sheer seamless tights and starting to recount when they first tried a pair. However, as you will see if you read our page dedicated to seamless tights, new seamless styles don’t come along very often and sadly seldom stay around long. So today is an exciting day, a new seamless sheer from Oroblu.

Called “Unique”, they follow a similar formula from other leading brands. 20 denier with 17% Lycra in the legs and 11% Lycra in the waistband. It’s made in four sizes to fit up to 5’11” (180cm) and 187lb (85kg). As the fibre composition hinted at, these tights are made in two parts the leg and crotch area, which are sheer, and a heavier waistband sewn on with a flat seam; not a construction we have seen before. The legs are entirely sheer to the toe seam and lightly shaped at the heel.

Unlike other seamless tights we have tried, these are far more like conventional tights in the leg, and they feel far more robust. Seamless tights tend to look short in the leg, and these are no exception, but there is simply masses of stretch, and a 34″ leg is easily catered for by the largest size. In addition, the strong stretch fabric fills you with confidence. Not much heavier than the Pierre Mantoux seamless, they are many times more robust.

What we like about seamless tights is the way they follow every curve for a perfect fit. These are no exception; the fit is second to none. The waistband sits on your waist even if you are of a fuller figure, and the clever shaping hugs the curves of your hips, as well as the sheer panty, follows the curves of your bottom.

Creative knitting means they are sheer below the waistband, not even the tiny lines you see on Wolford Fatal. Perfect even colour with a matt finish to flatter. Smooth and soft to the touch, too, once warmed up a little The sexiest seamless tights ever? Maybe Pierre Mantoux still hold that title, the most practical for everyday wear? Most certainly! If you are taller than average, then these are perhaps the first seamless tights made for you.

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