Oroblu Stefany Tights

Oroblu Stefany Tights

Tights that give the visual impression of leggings worn over sheers are nothing new. We have seen them several times over the past couple of years from several manufacturers. What makes these stand out is that they arrive just when the fashion world is looking back to the 1980s, the decade that inspired this look. Fashion is all about timing, and this is where style is now.

The initial visual impression is quite strange. The leggings part is heavy opaque, and well, just like a pair of leggings. Then the sheer parts hang down like two little afterthoughts seemingly out of scale being un-stretched. The construction is quite simple forward. The light sheer lower legs are straight and finished with a sandal toe. With just a few decorative bands and the top of the calf. The “leggings” are entirely plain and finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset, typical of any good quality 80 denier opaque.

Oroblu make this design in three sizes. The sizing is accurate but with enough stretch to cope if you are slightly taller than the size chart recommends. The fit is perfect throughout, and we were particularly pleased to find that the change of weight below the knee was not noticeable. You can feel the difference with some control top/sheer leg hosiery, and there is visible bulging.

The Colour is perfectly even throughout, and the strong contrast between opaque and sheer does give the impression of leggings over sheers with just the five bands at the top of the sheer parts giving away the fact this is one garment.

Those five bands are the one area that caused us a minor concern. In case you are not aware, tights and stockings are knitted as a spiral tube. Most of the time, you would not be able to tell that each line of stitches was not a closed circle. And even where there is a change from sheer to opaque the slight “step” is not so easily spotted. If, however you try to knit in darker hoops that are just 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stitches deep, as these are, then the misalignment is quite apparent. Mainly as the “steps” are all lined up vertically.

Not a big issue from a distance. But again because of the way a pair of tights is made, by sewing to identical halves together. You will find that however you put them on, this misalignment will be on the front of one leg and the back of the other and highly visible to anyone sat opposite. That one small gripe aside, these are well made. Good quality and very stylish tights. They combine all the benefits of sheers to show off your shapely calf and ankle and opaques to keep you warm and protect your modesty. Sensibly priced at £10.95 too.

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