Oroblu Shakira Tights

Oroblu Shakira Seamed Tights

As you can imagine, after running this site for so many years, we have seen a lot of hosiery; and a lot of attempts to male something that stands out. So for us to be wowed by the design of a pair of tights is quite something. And that before we even open the packet!

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to release these tights from their packet though. The exciting pattern on the back of the leg can be prone to sticking to the plastic bag in which these tights are enclosed within the outer cardboard packet. Pull too hard and too fast, and the fine 20 denier material may get damaged. Beware too of sticking to the card. These are sheer to waist tights with just the narrowest t-bar reinforcement on either side of the flat seams and around the gusset.

The finger band provides a strong transition from sheer panty to the deep plain waistband. The legs were a bit of a surprise, being both straight and finished with a reinforced toe detail; at nearly £20, we anticipated a shaped heel and sandal toe.

Oroblu only makes this style in 3 sizes, and we thought that our L/XL size looked very short. With 22% Lycra, there should be plenty of stretch. But before you start pulling the legs to add some length, stop! Put your hand down each leg in turn. They are beautifully soft and run your finger up the pattern, and you will find it has stuck to itself in places, tease out all these little adhesions before stretching.

All the care and effort are well worth it. The fit is like a second skin, and the finish has a gorgeous sheen to it. As basic sheer tights, they are up there with the best. The seam detail adds another dimension entirely, and it looks likes 3d design that is part of your leg rather than part of the pair of tights you are wearing.

If you want tights to show off your perfectly “tanned” legs and cause the maximum envy among your friends, these are the tights. Not so much “following the newest fashion trends” as creating a new trend.

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