Oroblu Intrigo 20 Tights

Oroblu Intrigo 20 G-String Tights

This is anything but a new style, but we have struggled to get a pair for review for some reason. On the first inspection, they have been worth the wait. There is an unmistakable feel of quality to these tights from Oroblu, right up with Wolford and Fogal. In your hand, they feel smooth, strong and more substantial than your typical 20 denier tights.

Detailing is first-rate with small, lightly reinforced toes, shaped legs, flat seam and a lined gusset. Sheer to the waist, of course, with strengthening either side of the panty seam and below the waistband. In the seaming that the extra shaping is provided, a slight V in the waistband and finger band draws the seem up between the cheeks of your bum. A detail we have seen just once before with La Perla Shape Tights.

When you come to put these tights on, you get a slight surprise, they feel almost like light support tights, and you need to be quite forceful to stretch them over your foot. You can be forceful, too, as these are perfect quality tights that have lots of stretches.

Fit is fantastic from hip to toe, skin tight and smooth. As for the shaping around your bottom, it works subtly but effectively defining your cheeks. Smooth and shiny on the leg with perfect even colour, the look is as good as the feel. The reinforced toe is essentially invisible once on.

No complaints about sizing, which is accurate to slightly generous. You may need to work a little to get all the length you need if you are very leggy. The stretch and strength are there, though.

Excellent tights that we can’t see any way of improving. Aside from a broader range of deniers and colours, maybe. Yes, we are greedy! We had a slight misfortune with our test pair. At the edge of the seam around the gusset, the fabric failed, perhaps due to the extra stresses caused by the shaping, but fortunately, the damage was restricted to the reinforced strip and did not run into the leg. And that is why that reinforcement is there!

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