Oroblu Dolcevita 15 Tights

Oroblu Dolce Vita 15 Tights

The description ticks all the right boxes, and the price is reasonable too. Have we found a new hot contender in our favourite 15 denier category? First impressions are excellent, and these tights feel smooth, light and soft. Opening them out, you can see that the sheer to the waist with legs shaped at the heel and the most lightly reinforced sandal toe.

In the panty, there are flat seams with a very narrow band of reinforcement on either side that runs into a shallow finger band. The cotton-lined gusset and flat seams should help significantly with fit and comfort, as should the very deep (5 cm) waistband.

Five sizes are available from Small through XL to Maxi, with each size adding more height and weight. We tested size IV/XL, which is Euro size 44-46. The sizing is spot on with enough stretch and strength to go beyond the suggested sizes if necessary. The fit is excellent, and the colour on the leg perfectly even.

The finish on the leg has a slight sheen, even a sparkle in direct sunlight. Far more subtle than the likes of Falke Seidenglatt, these tights will appeal to those who prefer their hosiery to be less shiny but find a matt finish unflattering. Very much on a par with Kunert Moonlight but at a lower price. If you can’t find these tights anywhere and are not widely available, the Kunert is a good alternative.

The tights live up to their billing. But they are nothing so durable as the Falke or the Kunert. Our test pair laddered late in the day, and £5 is a lot to pay for one day of wear. The Falke Seidenglatt last for months.

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