Oroblu Couture Luxury 40 Lurex Tights

Oroblu Couture Luxury 40 Lurex Tights

It is over two years since we last saw any tights from the Oroblu Couture collection, far too long, considering that we rated them on par with Wolford for quality.

When we saw that this latest style incorporated Lurex in the fibres, we were unsure what to think. Lurex can make for rough hosiery that looks tacky. The first impression on opening the box was very positive; however, for 40 denier tights, these feel very light. Indeed, the feel in hand was not smooth and soft, but it was far better than we expected.

Visually things were better than anticipated too. The Lurex threads are silver on our black review sample, which gives the whole a silver-grey appearance. The Lurex fibres also looked quite OK. These tights are sheer to the waist, feature a lightly shaped heel and have a little shaping at the heel. The panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. There is a small Oroblu motif on each hip.

Closer inspection reveals that although the toe is the same weight as the rest of the leg and panty, there is a run stop. Fortunately, far enough back and pale enough not to be too visible with strappy shoes. The sizing is on the generous side of accuracy, and the fit is perfect. The harshness of the Lurex fibre is only noticeable when you cross your legs, and then the sensation is not unpleasant.

Of course, Lurex is about the look, and that will indeed divide opinions. Our view is that at an evening event with a black dress and shoes, this particular style would add a touch of bling without crossing the boundary of good taste. Our review sample would not go to the party, though, as there were distinct pale lines up each leg from ankle to knee. A close look under a strong lens didn’t help us to determine what caused these lines. Lurex can seem to be classy, but we would prefer a classic sheer.

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