Oroblu All Colours Slide Touch 20 Denier Tights

Oroblu All Colours Slide Touch Tights

It is interesting to see that Oroblu class these 20 denier tights as semi-sheer. Others usually describe 20 denier as sheer. It may be that the 3D technology results in a thicker, more opaque fabric with a fine thread. We will see. The real stand-out feature of this style is that it is made in a wide range of colours.

Unusually for Oroblu, there are just two sizes, Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. No doubt they have reduced the range of sizes so that stockists can more easily carry the full range of colours.

Two things struck us as we took our test pair from the packet, firstly the weight, which seemed less than a 20 denier sheer, and secondly, the size, even an L/XL pair, looked very small. A more scientific weighing showed us how something being very soft can give you the impression of light. A pair of Falke Pure Matt 20 Tights in Large weighs 30g, and these were a mere 28g, less but not by as much as expected.

Detailing is relatively straightforward; sandal toe, straight legs, flat seams, and a cotton-lined gusset topped off with a plain waistband. We were a little concerned about only two sizes, but the high Lyrca content and 3D construction combine to give lots of stretches and a very close and comfortable fit.

The finish on the leg is smooth and soft to the touch and visually a flawless matt with perfect even colour. In terms of the look on the leg, these are no darker than a typical 20 denier sheer.

These are high-quality sheer tights that are perfect for any time of day and any occasion; the range of colours is a bonus. The Marine (Navy Blue) colour is ideal for ladies who like dark hosiery but are bored with black. The other colours will add a splash of colour to any outfit.

These tights are highly recommended.

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