Oroblu Active Legs Revolution 40 Tights

Oroblu Active Legs Revolution 40 Tights

We were taken by the design of these tights and how great the black colour looks with red that we entirely overlooked the fact that they are support tights. And that raised the question, “why is it that support tights are generally plain?”

These 40 denier tights offer graduated compression, strong at the ankle and almost none in the panty. Four sizes are covering from 4’9” to 5’11” and up to 187lbs (85kg).

Construction is exactly what you would expect from a premium brand such as Oroblu. Shaped legs, flat seams in the panty, cotton lined gusset and sheer or patterned to the waist. You can feel the graduated compression you prepare to put these tights on. It is solid at the ankle. The compression and the need to get the lines perfectly straight mean you have to take your time to work these tights up your leg.

The effort is worth it; the design looks excellent, particularly in black. Our test pair came in nude. The design is less evident in the nude colour but very effective. As Christina said, “very nice, makes standard opaques look a bit dull.” Fit is excellent, and the sizing spot on. There is enough stretch for you to take a few liberties with the sizing and so much strength it is hard to imagine you causing any damage putting them on unless you try.

As fashion tights, we love this style, but they are designed to support, and they are fantastic at that too. Almost as soon as you get the waistband settled in place, you can feel your lower leg starting to feel refreshed, perfect if you are on your feet or sat in an office all day. Hopefully, Oroblu and other brands will take the plunge and make more fashion support tights, and we love these!

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