Zohara Full Puzzle Tights


Zohara Full Puzzle Tight are super unique!

As we have mentioned in previous reviews of Zohara tights, they use a simple recipe of knitting one size of tights in plain, dyed in a base colour and then printing on the chosen design. The only choices are 20 or 120 denier, conventional tights or footless. These are traditional tights in 20 denier from the 2013 collection.

The window on the packet shows the black lines of the jigsaw pattern on the medium brown background so knowing the basic construction we could stop there and comment on the design but the fun of reviewing hosiery is you never know.

As expected from previous reviews we have tights made with sheer straight legs and a non-reinforced toe, the panty is a more open matt knit and finished with flat seams and a lined gusset. The panty should give a better fit if you are large in the hips (a compromise needed due to the one size strategy) and it should breathe better than the leg material.

Zohara has printed on the jigsaw design in such a way that pattern stays clear and sharply defined even when the tights are fully stretched, almost as though it is knitted in. Unfortunately, this method means you get the awkward mismatch when you try to print a pattern around a leg, so there is a bare stripe down the inside and outside of each leg. You can’t tell at first, but these tights have a front and back, so you have a pattern over your instep but not under your foot.

As for sizing and fit, well if you are a size 8, they may be a little large, but a tall size 16 will find they stretch to fit and fit well. The boxer style panty is comfortable but is it the beginning of our issues with these tights. Firstly if you are petite then the panty will probably stretch up to your armpits. Secondly, the boxer style coupled with the unprinted stretch of the leg before the pattern starts means this style will never look quite right with shorts or a very short skirt. With a careful choice of dress, and if you are precisely the right size you may manage the look pictured above, but with our test pair the pattern came up far higher.

So would we buy Zohara Full Puzzle Tights? Well yes, we would say they are very well made, a fun design and comfortable, you need to design your outfit around them with a little care.

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