Penti Second Skin Tights

Penti Second Skin Tights

The back of the rather smart-looking box states these are sold from an address in Nottinghamshire. That’s the home of hosiery manufacture in England. Sadly the manufacturing is carried out overseas, in this case in Turkey. So aside from an outstanding quality packet, what do you get for your £2.77?

Very light and sheer tights made with straight legs that are finished with a nicely made toe seam and a sandal toe detail. Sheer to waist with flat seams in the panty sensibly reinforced on either side of the seam.

There is a finger band around 2.5cm deep, giving a transition to a similar depth waistband. There are three sizes S/M, M/L and XL. XL is designed with a rear panel rather than a cotton gusset and is sized for ladies with hips over 48” or 122 cm.

The specification of these tights does read more £7 than £3. Still, there are a few compromises on quality, such as the transition from finger band to seam reinforcement being untidy and slight misalignment across seams. These problems are inevitable, but quality control in more expensive brands would stop tights with these issues being sold.

Of course, the proof is in the look and feel on the leg, and here we have no complaints. The sizing is accurate, and even stretching them a little longer presented no problems. We never once felt that the highly sheer fabric would rip under even pressure. There is just a hint of shine on the finish. Unless you are pretty close, the look is very much one of a tanned leg rather than tights, perfect for summer. The “tan” shade is perhaps just a bit “Mediterranean” or “late summer” for a lot of northern Europeans to wear in spring or early summer, but there are lighter shades, natural and illusion that will work earlier in the summer. All in all, we are delighted to recommend excellent value tights for everyday wear in the warmer months.

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