Love Hate Opaque Patterned Tights

Love Hate Tights

While some brands trumpet style, quality, exclusivity or a designer name, the focus with LoveHate is on unconventional and environmentally sound materials. They are not alone among Australian brands that are looking to be “green”. But by manufacturing locally rather than importing tights complete from Italy, they take the concept further than most. We have to start by being critical.

What we need to see laid out is the price, denier, fibre mix, the colours available and a size chart. On the plus side, this lack of information gives us more to say. You can’t tell from the look and feel of these tights where the fibre was sourced. So it is up to you to trust that it is an ecologically sound source if that is important to you.

Detailing is pretty standard for opaque fashion tights. The legs are unshaped and finished with a plain toe detail. The pattern on the leg is knitted in and runs up to just below gusset level where there is a change of knitting. The panty section is plain and features both flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset which we are delighted to see.

The test of any tights, of course, is how they look and how they feel to wear. We have no guidance on sizing. But assuming they are the typical one-size then they are quite generously sized if you use all the stretch, 32” leg and 40” hips being the realistic upper limit. Fit is good and thanks to the gusset and flat seams they are comfortable too.

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