Leg Avenue Back Seam Garter Belt Stocking

Leg Avenue Back Seam Garter Belt Stocking

Regular readers will know that there are a couple of things that worry us; are suspender tights or stockings? We are reviewing these tights/stockings on our site just in case you disagree with what we say. Following on from this, are they the best of both worlds or the worst?

Our second area of concern is with “one size” hosiery, which as cynics may say come in two sizes, too big and too small. So how are these? Unlike some suspender tights, these are not knitted in one piece with open crotch and sides. They are made as seven pieces, two lace top legs, four lacy straps and a deep lacey waistband, all sewn together.

The packet gives no idea of denier, but we would estimate that the legs are around 12 denier. The legs are made entirely straight and look very short, but despite having no Lycra, there is lots of stretch. Sizing is very generous. You can go way beyond the suggested maximum weight of 160lb. We would recommend that if you are much less than that or short, then the sizing will be too generous.

The legs feel soft and fit well, although the lack of Lycra meant there was a slight sag during the day. The detailing is good, a sandal toe means you can wear with an open toe shoe, the seam sits straight, and on the natural colour pair we tried is very subtle. The lace top and suspender straps won’t embarrass you should someone see them. The one disappointment was the waistband that we could not get to sit flat. Sexy and fun and less effort than real suspenders.

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