La Perla Fusion 20 Tights

La Perla Fusion 20

Since we first looked at these tights, they have changed the design a little, they no longer quite look like the picture on the packet. The detailing at the waist now looks like this, with considerably more shaping to the waistband. They still feel beautifully smooth and soft in your hand as you take them out of the packet.

They do not look very long, but there is plenty of stretching. And you never feel that you are straining the fabric. Take care to buy the right size, and they will fit perfectly. The construction of these is a little different to other seamless tights as these have a gusset of sorts between the legs.

The wide “adjustable waistband” is very much more than a waistband. As you can see in the photo, this detracts from the overall appearance when compared to the likes of Wolford fatal 15, Victoria’s Secret Seamless Sensation and Pierre Mantoux Seamless. What these details do is to provide a perfect fit from waist to toe. Completely invisible under even the tightest of dresses and exceptionally comfortable.

All ladies who try seamless tights for the first time are amazed at how different they feel compared to regular tights. They are described by many as the most comfortable tights she had ever worn. She also remarked on how she hardly looked to be wearing tights. This is how matt finish tights should be, showing off the legs, not the tights.

These tights are not quite so sexy as the Wolford fatal 15. But they are more comfortable and at least as durable. They are much more durable and longer-lasting than the very hot Pierre Mantoux Seamless. A man may buy other seamless tights for his lady, but a lady buying for herself would buy these.

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