Hue Lacy Sheer to Waist Tights

Hue Lacy Sheer Pantyhose

Hue sheers are the most innovative sheer available to modern women! Up to the minute, styling and all-day comfort combine for a look that’s rights for any occasion. Three distinct categories offer what you need for everyday wear.

SLEEK CONTROL – The latest developments in control
PRETTY DETAILS – Pretty feminine touches
FASHION CHIC – Today’s hottest trends

Sometimes, you see something, and you immediately think “that looks expensive”. That was our first impression with these tights from Hue. The impression continues as you handle the delightfully smooth soft material.

Being more objective, these are nicely made tights, but in common with most, if not all, US-made pantyhose the seams are not flat. The seams are however of very high quality. There is a lined gusset, and the legs are shaped a little at the heel. The toes are lightly reinforced with a high-quality seam.

There are three sizes, both two and three stretching to the same height, size 3 having more scope for width. We tested size 2. The length did not look very generous for tights to fit up to 6’0” tall, but there was enough stretch just to fit a 34” leg. We would suggest that unless you are a very slim size, three may be a better fit for the tall wearer.

Once on the leg the reinforced toe blends in entirely. The sheer finish from hip to toe flatters the legs, the even colour in the black pair tested added to the look of class. Designing a lace pattern into the transition band between sheer legs and waistband is an excellent detail, turning what is virtually a practical detail into a visual design feature.

All in all, they are tights that we adore. When you consider the price of $12.00 for two pairs, they are excellent value.

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