Golden Lady Sheer Nude Seamless Tights

Golden Lady Seamless Tights

Golden Lady Sheer Nude Seamless Tights are legendary!

Fact; seamless tights are expensive to make and costly to buy. Err, someone forgot to tell, Golden Lady because here we have a seamless sheer at just £5!

Three sizes to fit up to 185 cm or 90kg looks hopeful. Of course, we will try to manage both together.

Comfort waistband sounds like they took clues from the premium brands.

A marker to show which is the back. That hints at real care in the design and styling.

Feeling in hand is excellent. It’s slightly smoother than some seamless that have a crepe feel, yet not to the degree of a Pierre Mantoux Gloss.

Detailing looks very promising, just the lightest of reinforced toes, carefully seamed so that if you wear the right way around the flat seam is under your toes, sheer throughout without a hint of the lines you see on Wolford fatal, just a slight depending on the waistband on the hips.

Easy to put on you get a second skin fit from hip to toe. A great fit and utterly sheer too, not a line in sight anywhere. You are adding colour and texture to your skin, not clothing. At present, the tones are nude and black, but we live in hope.

There is the narrowest of transition bands connecting the sheer material to the plain waistband. The waistband is the only sign that these are not tights from one of the top makers, but it holds the tights in place and is comfortable.

More generously sized regarding length in leg and body than most seamless tights Golden Lady have not just opened up seamless tights to those on a budget but to taller/bigger ladies too.

These tights are a game changer. OK so they don’t follow the curves of your bottom as well as Wolford fatal 15, and they won’t last so well either but at £5 a pair there is no need ever to wear seamed tights again!

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