Bootights Core Semi-Opaque Tights with Mid Calf Sock


Bootight Core Tights With Calf Sock is so unique!

Sometimes an idea comes along that is so obvious, you wonder why no one thought of it before, or perhaps you wonder why everyone who had the idea rejected it for reasons that are not immediately obvious. BOOTIGHTS are just such an idea.

Heavy opaque tights work well with boots, but the downside is that to get the weight you need for warmth and durability at the foot, you have to have the same at the waist and that can be somewhat warm. The usual trick is to wear socks over a pair of tights but that can be uncomfortable when the sock moves over your foot and pulling the socks up can lead to the tights restricting your toes.  Nylon tights can also be a little sweaty when they get warm and prevent any technical sock you may wear from working. An obvious solution then is to pair a technical sock made with Tactel, with a medium weight tight for the best of both Worlds.

In practice, the idea works very well indeed. The sock is good enough to pair with a fashion boot or a hiking boot, and is not just warm but shaped and padded for the ultimate in comfort.

The tights part of BOOTIGHTS is slightly less impressive than the sock part. Being made in the USA, there is no flat seam in the panty. But on the plus side, there is a cotton lined gusset, and the construction is sheer to waist.

Sizing is on the generous side. Our tester was at the upper end of size C/lower end of size D, and size D was too big. The fit was pretty good although there was little evidence of “all over control”, no bad thing as not everyone wants to be squeezed. Colour is good and even throughout.

There are two lengths of sock available, mid-calf as reviewed here and ankle. Our tester would have preferred a more extended option as with knee-length boots the zipper was above the sock and so the more sheer material was prone to wear reducing the life expectancy of the tights

If you are a habitual boots wearer in winter and want to have warm, cosy feet, then these tights are for you, particularly if you favour ankle or calf length boots. No doubt this idea will be copied by others, bettering the sock used here will take some doing.

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