Max Mara Mixer Tights

Max Mara Mixer Tights

Well, I got a credit card bill today. But I hope that I have the antidote for this depressing event in the shape of premium tights from Max Mara. The packet is rather short of notes. But you can see from the picture that the main features of these tights are a leaf pattern up the back of each leg and a mock stocking top at mid-thigh. There are 4 sizes, and as far as we can tell just one colour, black.

First impressions are excellent. Indeed, the stocking top detail is not simply a printed on the pattern; it is a band of heavier lace knit of a completely different texture to the lower leg. Above the stocking top design, the sheer material appears ever so slightly sheerer than below.

The lower legs are slightly shaped at the heel and finished with a sandal to detail. The upper leg joins a high leg lace panty. The panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The largest size, size 4 (XL), has a comfort gusset rather than the cotton-lined gusset.

Sizing is accurate. The Lycra in the fibre provides both an excellent fit and a bit of extra stretch for taller ladies who prefer the large size with a cotton gusset rather than the XL with comfort gusset.

The design really works, the lace in the panty matches the lace in the stocking top. We love the fact that the mock stocking top even has a mock seam at the back. If we were to be critical, we would say that carrying the leaf pattern on above the stocking top was a mistake.

The pretty lace panty really makes any other underwear superfluous. In fact, anything more than a tight plain string panty would look wrong.
The positioning of the stocking top means that with shorter skirts or knee-length skirts with a split you will be showing it off at least some of the time. But who wants to spend nearly £20 on tights and not turn a few heads?

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