Max Mara Donna Tights

Max Mara Donna Tights

We have got used to high-quality hosiery from Max Mara and quality is very much in evidence here. A sandal toe detail, legs shaped at the heel, sheer to waist, cotton-lined gusset and flat seams in the panty. Precisely what we want in a high-quality sheer. But of course, these are not basic sheers. They have been elevated to high fashion by the addition of a floral pattern on the lower leg that is topped by a garter detail mid-thigh. Is this enough to justify doubling the price of an equivalent sheer?

We had expected something like a Max Mara logo on the waistband. But all we found were the four parallel ridges that let us know that our test pair was size 4. The other give away was that rather than a cotton gusset there was a comfort gusset (rear panel). The cotton gusset being reserved for sizes 1-3. Real care has been taken in the design of the back panel, rather than take the easy route and use heavier fabric the panel is the same weight as the legs with just a narrow strengthened strip at the seam and best of all Max Mara added a repeat of the floral pattern from the leg.

Sizing is accurate, and the fit and finish of the legs are good. As you can see from our picture of Stacey, this is a style that begs to be worn with something very short to show off both your legs and the design. Top-quality fashion hosiery, perhaps a little overpriced. But if you want a real style that stands out from the crowd, then it never comes cheaply.

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