Max Mara Cadine Tights

Max Mara Cadine Tights

When these tights arrived, we were sure we had seen them before. But a lot of time has passed, and the design has changed so we will treat this as a new style. The first difference between the style we reviewed several years ago and this one is the price, a bargain at £5.00 back then and a far more “designer” £13.27 now.

First impressions are excellent, light and soft in hand with that feeling of “flow” that only quality sheer hosiery provides. The detailing is a masterpiece of simplicity. Totally sheer other than the toe seam, a flat seam in the body and around the gusset and a waistband. No reinforcement, no finger band, nothing but sheer.

There is some shaping at the heel, and the gusset is cotton lined. Simple details flawlessly executed, the toe seam is among the nicest we have seen; flat and almost impossible to feel under your toes.

Sizing is accurate but not generous, don’t stray beyond the limits set out on the size chart particularly in terms on the weight limits; as we have seen before from Max Mara styling is for the slim figure.

Our test pair was in black. As soon as our tester put them on all they could think of was evening, strappy shoes and a gorgeous black dress. The look on the leg is expensive, and every curve of your leg is accentuated by the way the light catches the material. Fit is as perfect as the finish.

It is sophisticated, smart, sexy and comfortable. Well worth the money for that special night out.

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