Lores No. 416 Tights


The packet rear, as is generally the case with Polish branded hosiery, gives a good idea of what to expect in terms of the construction.

There are three sizes to choose from XS/S, M/L and XL. The range of heights and weights for each size is quite reasonable, so the doubling up should work. First impressions. Smooth and soft and at the lighter end of 40 denier hosiery.

The straight legs are finished with a sandal toe and sheer all the way to to the waistband except for the motif above the ankle. The panty has flat seams with just the narrowest of reinforced transitions either side. There is a small lines gusset in our size 3/4 sample. The packet graphics suggest the XL size has a comfort gusset/rear panel. The plain waistband is quite deep at 4cm.

Durable and stretchy are the two words that spring to mind as you put these tights on. The earlier sensations of smoothness and softness are dispelled entirely. The effort required to get them on is on a par with light support tights. But you never feel there is any danger of them ripping and you are rewarded with a skin-tight fit from hip to toe.

The waistband sits high on the hip rather than on the waist, although it will sit higher if you are towards the bottom or middle of a size. Sizing is more generous than the size chart suggests.

The floral motif is repeated three times on each leg. In the picture above, you can see the ones on the front of each leg. The other two are to each side at the rear. The motif looks like a small herb or young flower plant and does an excellent job of drawing the eye to your ankles.

One small issue, our test pair had a couple of knitting imperfections that result in fine dark lines. All in all, perfect, stylish tights that promise to be highly durable too.

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