Lores No. 200 Tights

Lores No 200 Tights

One of the key trends of the season has been sheer tights with a “tattoo” motif, mostly 15-20 denier. At the other end of the scale, we have seen Zohara producing 120 denier tights with a printed on rather than a knitted-in design. What Lores has done here is to bridge the gap a little with 40 denier tights bearing a motif.

The first surprise here is that the motif is not only darker/heavier than the base material, but it is also highlighted with a tiny amount of Lurex thread to make it sparkle. A smart and useful addition as otherwise the contrast with the 40 denier base would be too little.

Detailing is to quite a good standard. We have come to expect of Lores and other Italian made polish brands). Sheer to waist, flat seams in the panty and a lined gusset. The only hint at the economy is the unshaped legs. To improve durability, there are invisibly reinforced toes and a narrow reinforced strip either side of the panty seam.

As is typical with fashion tights these days the size range is limited to two, XS/S and M/L. These cover a height range from 152 cm to 176 cm and a hip range from 96 cm to 120 cm. The sizing makes no mention of weight. We tested the larger of the two sizes. We would suggest the sizing is more generous in terms of length than Lores claim but that 112 cm would be the maximum hip size that would fit with comfort.

Neither the softest tights we have tried. But the colour density is good and even and the Lurex ensure that the design stands out. Whether the design works would be a matter of personal taste, we prefer the smaller, more subtle motifs. There is no doubt though that these are well-made tights worth the asking price.

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