Levante Platino Tights

Levante Platino Tights

It seems like an age since we reviewed a new sheer style from Levante. With all the patterns and opaques that are currently in vogue, it is easy to forget that sheers are still the foundation of the hosiery business. We were particularly pleased to see the Platino name appear as previous styles under this name were much requested.

As is usual for Levante, the sizing is based mainly on height. In this case, there are three sizes, medium (up to 5’7”), tall (up to 5’9”) and x-tall (up to 6’1”). Although the size chart also suggests increasing weight and hip measurement as you go up the sizes. Our test pair was a tall pair.

The “fine-weave” mentioned in the packet notes is evident as soon as you open the packet. The very finely knit legs are shaped at the heel and finished with a sandal toe. Sheer to waist, the fine sheer material extends up to a shallow finger band that gives transition to the 3cm deep waistband. In the panty, there are flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. You will notice that we said sandal toe, not for the first time Levante packet notes and contents don’t quite match; in this case that is a good thing as the sandal toe is far more suitable for summer.

Sizing is accurate but not generous. The Lycra gives a perfect fit from hip to toe. Colour is perfectly even with just a slight sheen in the right light. Our test pair was in the shade called “enhance”. Correctly named as the effect of these tights is to enhance the look of your legs rather than to dress them fully. They feel as good as they look, and if you cross your legs, they sound very near as good as they feel. Excellent value at £4.45, highly recommended.

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