Levante Luxury Satin Opaque Tights

Levante Luxury Satin Opaque Tights

So here we are in the second week of February approaching the beginning of the English spring. So what are we reviewing today? Of course, tights that suit the weather, 60 denier opaques! The satin-smooth nature of these tights is apparent as soon as you take them from the packet. There is something far more exciting about smooth opaque tights rather than microfibre.

These are sheer to waist tights, or should that be opaque to waist tights, normal weight from the seam at the toe, up the slightly shaped legs, through the panty and up to the waistband. The panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. There is a general air of quality.

The fit is perfect; these tights are accurately sized and give no hint of bagging or sagging. Colour is perfectly even, but we did notice that although the panty feels like the legs, it is noticeably darker. Fortunately, the line is high enough up that it would only be visible with the most indecently short shorts or skirts.

The look on the legs is satin rather than glossy and as Levante say you can get a hint of skin tone through them. For a bit of fun, we tried our black test pair over a pair of bright orange Fiore Sandra Tights. The glossiness and bright colour did shine through and transformed the look. The moire pattern caused by wearing two pairs of tights was eye-catching.

Everyone should have a few pairs of Levante Luxury Satin Tights in their wardrobe, warm and durable, and so much more.

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