Levante Laced Side Tights

Levante Laced Side Tights

Back in the early time of Tights Fashion, Levante alone were making unique fashion hosiery, and cheap and basic sheers and opaques dominated the declining hosiery market. So now with exciting designs and top quality from around the World, how do Levante stack up?

First off, great to see that they have stayed with a three size sizing scheme, and retained medium, tall and extra tall as their sizing. Levante continues to be an excellent choice for tall girls. Everything we expect from a quality Italian maker is here, flat seams in the panty, a cotton-lined gusset and a neatly seamed toe with no reinforcement.

Denier is quite hard to judge, but we estimate that the panty and side of the legs is 15-20 denier and the opaque parts of the leg are 40-50 denier appearance.

Sizing is spot on with plenty of lengths, and the fit is excellent from hip to toe. Visually these tights are stunning. The heavier parts are matt finish and have perfectly even colour density. The pattern is well defined and draws the eye while enhancing the shape of your leg. The sheer panty means that there is almost a hold-up stocking look to the effect.

When tights have a boxer brief on sheer legs, we caution you to wear a skirt or shorts long enough to cover the brief. Here with a sheer boxer shaped brief on top of fashion tights give in to the temptation to go short!

Certainly a match for any fashion tights on the market, better quality than House of Holland from Pretty Polly and more wearable (safer) than Trasparenze.

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