Levante Gigi Net Tights

Levante Gigi Net Tights

We can’t help but feel that in early February we should be reviewing ultra-thick tights. Or debating whether hold up, stockings (or even tan tights) are suitable alternatives. However, here in England at least, we are started to see a bit of the Sun. So unless you have been on holiday, you will probably have seen very little of the Sun. So, always keen to match hosiery to the season, we are looking at a fashion net design from Levante.

There are just two sizes to choose from small/medium and tall/extra tall. We have long (literally) been a fan of the extra tall size from Levante, ideal for the leggier lady. Here we can forgive the reduction to two sizes as net tights, particularly those with 12% or more Lycra have masses of stretch. As well as suggesting combinations of height and weight for each size, the chart gives guidance on hip sizing too.

Construction is relatively typical of net tights. The straight legs are finished with a small plain reinforced toe for durability and comfort, and there is a plain waistband. We might have expected a gusset from Levante, but these tights are closed with a small seam (around 2cm long) between the legs.

Sizing is accurate, and Levante has managed to make net tights where the waistband sits on your waist rather than seemingly heading up to your armpits. To wear the feel is typical of fishnets.

The look, however, is not typically fishnet. The design provides a much lighter effect than the uniform coverage of the standard fishnet. The inclusion of some grey fibre in with the black adds to this. What we have here are very soft tights that will cover up your lack of tan. Works well with darker fashions all year round and even replace standard black fishnets for wearing at parties in the colder months (the ones meant to be cold).

Our only reservation with Levante Gigi tights is the price, £14.00 seems a little steep.

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