Levante Firm Relax Tights

Levante Relax Support Tights

Support tights do not form a large part of our collection. Still, as the medium support version of Levante Relax was one of the few pairs of tights from Levante that we were unable to give a positive rating, we thought we would look at this firm support version to see if it could redeem them.

Sizing in this style goes from small to XX-Tall. The size chart suggests buying a larger size if in doubt. As soon as you open the packet, you can see the contrast between the heavy crepe finish support brief and the more sheer leg.

Unwrapped from the card these tights look big, particularly in the panty area, although the feet look very short. In the XX-Tall size, these tights have a rear panel rather than a gusset. There is no indication on the packaging as to which size the change occurs. Seams are well made, but not flat. The heel is a proper shaped (pendulum) heel, woven in and reinforced. Despite our initial concern, the heel was correctly placed even on a larger foot.

Fit is perfect, aside from the back panel in brief, unless you are very large in the bottom you will get very little support in this area because of the size of it. We tried these tights on a model with 44” hips, and they said the panty was too big. If you want some support in the brief area, we suggest you buy based on height.

The legs feel good, but we would rate the support as light to medium only. Notwithstanding the comments above these tights are very comfortable and look very lovely on the leg with right even colour. We were put very much in mind of Falke Vitality by the look and feel on the legs. The Falke tights are more expensive but are sheer to waist.

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